Officer Wellness

Milwaukee Police Foundation

The daily stresses of police work, exposure to incidents, and the weight of responsibility can take a toll on an officer’s mental health. The Milwaukee Police Foundation (MPF) recognizes the importance of mental health and supports the creation of the Wellness Team, dedicated to supporting officers’ well-being.

The Wellness Team is free to all department members and prioritizes confidentiality. Information shared is considered privileged, with some exceptions outlined in department policy. These exceptions ensure officer safety, public well-being, and compliance with Wisconsin law. The team can connect officers with peer support, qualified mental health professionals, clergy members, and other resources.

Department members can self-refer or submit anonymous referrals to the Wellness Team. The MPD encourages officers to look out for one another. Here are just some ways to identify an officer who might benefit from support:

  • Unexplained changes in behavior or mood
  • Difficulty concentrating or making decisions
  • Substance abuse

It takes courage to be a police officer. Seeking help for mental health concerns shows strength and commitment to well-being. If you or an officer you know experience mental health challenges, please reach out to the Milwaukee Police Department Wellness Team. Contact information is available internally.


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