our mission

Who We Are

We are a community of police foundations with a shared mission to grow the impact of our efforts and serve as a significant community partner to local law enforcement agencies. Our scope of work includes:

  • Identifying and implementing solutions to mental health issues faced by members of the MPD.
  • Facilitating diversity training opportunities for officers.
  • Purchasing tools to assist the MPD in acquiring and updating technology that increases officer accountability and builds community trust.
  • Helping those families who are impacted by crime to recover and rebuild their lives.
Milwaukee Police Foundation

Our Mission & Vision

To elevate, support, and strengthen America’s police foundations so they can fulfill their highest potential as community partners to law enforcement. For police foundations across the country to serve as the most effective platform for meaningful engagement by the public in support of public safety.

The Need

Some of the current challenges of Police Foundations:

  • No professional staff or only part-time staff
  • Limited capacity & time by volunteer board members
  • Limited knowledge and subject matter expertise in:

    • Fundraising Strategies
    • Marketing and PR
    • Nonprofit Operations: Governance, Process, Procedures
  • Lack of engagement from the police chief or department

The Solution

The Milwaukee Police Foundation has created a program that offers training, resources, best practices, support, and a networked community of peers to lean on for collective growth. In this program, participants can:

  • Learn from experts, expand your knowledge base, and access resources.

  • See what your Foundation peers are up to and learn from others.

  • Grow your Foundation to meet its potential to be the best Foundation it can be.

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