Community Engagement

The Milwaukee Police Department and the Milwaukee Police Foundation believe strong community bonds are essential to creating a safe and lively city. To encourage positive community engagement, we financially support several programs and initiatives. 

The MPD offers robbery deterrence classes designed for local small businesses. These classes equip participants with the knowledge and skills to protect their assets, customers, and themselves. Participants learn about Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) and how to incorporate it into their businesses. 

Investing in Milwaukee’s youth is an investment in the future of our city. Our Public Safety Cadets program, managed by retired and active law enforcement officers and business leaders, prepares young adults aged 14 – 20 for careers and leadership in public safety. 

Strong neighborhoods are the backbone of a safe city. The Milwaukee Police Department participates in the annual National Night Out, a nationwide campaign that promotes neighborhood camaraderie. This fantastic event offers opportunities for positive connections between neighbors and law enforcement.

Additionally, the Foundation supports several charitable community events, such as Shop With a Cop, Coffee With a Cop, and regular food pantry donations.

We are constantly looking for ways to enhance public safety. Community Connect Milwaukee, powered by Fusus, allows businesses to register their security cameras with the MPD, reducing emergency response times. By working together, we can create a safer Milwaukee. 

We encourage you to get involved! Explore our programs, visit our social media, and attend community meetings and events to connect with local officers. By working together, we can make a positive difference in our city.


Milwaukee Police Foundation